Personal Best - Chapter 2 - Purpose

Following on from chapter one, this chapter talks about 'Purpose' and how your purpose comes from two very important questions which are spoke about throughout the episode.

In this chapter Barry talks about each of us have a purpose in life. In Indian culture they have a beautiful word for it called -dharma- meaning "your true calling in life." Continuing to say that to have a journey you first need to be sure to what you want and ask yourself "does this lead me to my purpose in life?" Moving on to 'Your questions are your answers' Barry talks about how our minds are programmed to answer thousands of questions, from what are we having for lunch to what was that noise. although our mind don't is ascertain the quality of the question. Barry then talks about a seminar by Paul Dunn, talking about attending seminars, meetings and network events help widens knowledge and contacts. When attending the event Barry found it interesting and it also made him stop and evaluate his own life's purpose. Also, from the event Paul provided an insight into what worked and how to keep a loyal customer base. Barry then speaks about how 'Purpose as energy' and how having a purpose can have a magical power and how it can impact your life but also others around you. 'Pinpointing your purpose' nothing can happen until you are clear about your chief aims, being clear. on your aims will help you to discover your true gifts. 'The power of why' once you know what your outcome is, you need to be clear on why you want it, why is the fuel that keeps you moving. 'Why you do what you do' the reason we do what we do is because of how it makes us feel. Whatever you might want either, financial freedom, weight loss, or a promotion, it all comes down to how you believe it will make you feel. 'The purpose-driven life' having a clear purpose in life is a strong driver to a fulfilling and meaningful existence as well as other benefits. 'Critical questions' taking time to reflect and asking yourself critical questions, what do you want? why do you want it? Even if these questions take minutes or years to answer you need to be clear on what your purpose is.

Personal Best - The secrets of successful people

Personal Best provides key insights and lessons from global achievers to assist you to reach your full potential in business and life.

In this episode Barry covers the secrets of successful people, he speaks about Donald Hume and George Buckley two people that grow up in similar circumstances yet responded differently. Barry then moves on to talk about 'Why positive thinking isn't enough' and why it needs to be met with change. Moving to speak about Richard Thompson, who became an Olympic champion coming second in Beijing in 2008. Barry then speaks about 'The ethos of personal best', talking about how life has personal and private victories and how setting goals and moving towards them by taking daily actions and being focused on them is helping you reach your Personal Best ethos. Barry moves on to talk about 'Setting the standard', talking about how if you follow the same methodologies as someone who is excelling in the same field as you then you will also excel. The question to ask yourself is: are you willing to set yourself a higher standard and commit yourself to achieve it? Finally, in this episode, Barry speaks about 'Raising the Bar' and how setting goals in your life that might not seem believable but if you have a big enough reason to achieve them, you can achieve them.

Action - Dream. Then work the scheme.

This is the difference that makes the difference.

Ideas and plans in and of themselves are not going to push you forward.

Once you have decided what you are going to do - you must take unrelenting action.

Jump in to this quick episode and commit to taking action today. .

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