Action – Dream. Then work the scheme.
Personal Best – Chapter 2 – Purpose
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Personal Best – The secrets of successful people

Action – Dream. Then work the scheme.

Personal Best Podcast

Personal Best provides key insights and lessons from global achievers to assist you to reach your full potential in business and life.

In this episode Barry covers the secrets of successful people, he speaks about Donald Hume and George Buckley two people that grow up in similar circumstances yet responded differently. Barry then moves on to talk about ‘Why positive thinking isn’t enough’ and why it needs to be met with change. Moving to speak about Richard Thompson, who became an Olympic champion coming second in Beijing in 2008. Barry then speaks about ‘The ethos of personal best’, talking about how life has personal and private victories and how setting goals and moving towards them by taking daily actions and being focused on them is helping you reach your Personal Best ethos. Barry moves on to talk about ‘Setting the standard’, talking about how if you follow the same methodologies as someone who is excelling in the same field as you then you will also excel. The question to ask yourself is: are you willing to set yourself a higher standard and commit yourself to achieve it? Finally, in this episode, Barry speaks about ‘Raising the Bar’ and how setting goals in your life that might not seem believable but if you have a big enough reason to achieve them, you can achieve them.