Personal Best was created and is based on the intelligence of thought leaders from around the world. It started after founder – after Barry Duddy met with and interviewed over two hundred leaders in business, sport, politics, leadership, science and the arts.

This collective knowledge was distilled into the book Personal Best – How Ordinary People Achieved Extraordinary Success and into programmes designed to increase the knowledge and success of the Personal Best community.

The commitment to discovering the thinking and processes behind world class performance continues to drive Personal Best and we look to continuously bring intelligence from those who excel in their field.

The Personal Best Mission

The Personal Best Mission is: To help you to be the best you can be in business and in life.

The Personal Best Mission is: To give you new ideas, energise your thinking and help you to develop a passion for what you do.

The Personal Best Mission is: To provide an alternative to professional gurus – many of whom preach without practicing. Personal Best knowledge is driven by  experienced and successful professionals.

The Personal Best Mission is: Bigger than one person, it is a community, a collective. It is based on collective intelligence and stands or falls on the willingness of people to offer advice and contribution.

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