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Personal Development made easy

Ultimate Success Formula – what I learned from 200 conversations People who succeed regardless of the situation have a strategy. A nunber of range of things that they do in order to succeed, regardless of what their background, whether it…

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Pay on results marketing

Personal Best Marketing Consulting No one wants to pay for something that they didn’t receive, so why pay for marketing that doesn’t deliver revenue? As part of our consulting offering Personal Best is partnering with companies who offer our clients,…

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Personal Best – Scotland’s Most Profitable Companies

Personal Best Research provides insights from the world’s leading business leaders and organisations. To support us in delivering the most valuable information to our clients we have embarked on an ongoing study and measurement of successful companies from a variety…

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How to be brilliant at pretty much anything.

Most of us, at some level, buy into the myth that some people are born with natural ability or talent and that these genetic gifts are the source of achievement. During the research done by Personal Best in general consultancy…

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Best business books 2012

Personal Best has put together a list of the very best business books. Our own book is out in 2012.   Current rankings Amazon UK .

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Management consulting for fishermen

I like performance models, whether in my marketing business or when acting as a consultant. Paying based on the value received always gives clients comfort. This explains why !! Our hero the management consultant wa on holiday in a small…

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