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Whether you run your own business or hold a senior position within your company – your ability to deliver new strategies that will grow revenue and profits is critical.
I work directly with those who are looking to take their business to the next level with the direct, practical information that delivers breakthroughs that drive revenues and profits.
If you are looking to increase your marketing effectiveness – get in touch today.

I started out the old school way knocking doors – selling products. When I started my first ever business I more or less stuck with this model – one to one selling, supported by whatever marketing activity I thought would work and the only way to build was to hire more people to do the same.

But then my world changed – individuals cleverer than I, started connecting people around the world – suddenly i could reach mass markets in a few keystrokes I could get my message heard without leaving my office. Online marketing changed everything. I know to some extent you will be using social media or websites and online tools to reach more people – but I want to share the whole process. How you can start up in new markets, dream up new businesses and have them running profitably within days, how you can scale your company quickly or start you own.

Life and business is easier when you have a guide – a coach – not someone who will do the job for you, but someone who has the experience and can provide critical insights that can save you time, energy and ultimately cut months, maybe years of your learning curve.

Barry works directly with a limited number of individuals & business owners on a monthly basis.

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I’m Barry Duddy – I help people & businesses realise their potential.
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