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Best business books 2012

Personal Best has put together a list of the very best business books. Our own book is out in 2012.   Current rankings Amazon UK .

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Management consulting for fishermen

I like performance models, whether in my marketing business or when acting as a consultant. Paying based on the value received always gives clients comfort. This explains why !! Our hero the management consultant wa on holiday in a small…

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High growth business 2 – stories of hypergrowth

Following on from post on high growth business. I was looking through some more research that I had done last yer on fast growth businesses. As before the key traits of having a great offer, creating strong alliances and maintaining…

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Secrets of fast growth companies

What does it take to creat a fast growth business ? I spent some time last year speaking with entreprenuers and business leaders about this subject and researching companies separately that were appearing regulalrly on fast growth company lists –…

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Energy – your emotion is driven by your motion

Energy is everything. It is everywhere in every fibre of your being, in every bit of matter that surround you, there is energy. Interestingly, if we look to science it explains energy as an unobservable quantity, that cannot be created…

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